Taylor Swift continues to captivate audiences on ‘The Eras Tour,’ and she surprised fans in Seattle with a special treat – the debut live performance of “no body, no crime” alongside the band HAIM. The crowd went wild as Taylor and HAIM delivered a dynamic and unforgettable rendition of the hit song, making it an iconic moment in the tour.

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Swifties also noticed a change in the setlist, with Taylor replacing “‘tis the damn season” from the “evermore” set with “no body, no crime” for the Seattle show. The decision thrilled the audience, who eagerly embraced the switch and sang along to every word.

Ecstatic about the collaboration, Taylor expressed her excitement on stage, calling the experience “so much fun.” The energy and camaraderie between Swift and HAIM on stage were palpable, adding an extra layer of magic to the already enchanting concert.

As the US leg of ‘The Eras Tour’ nears its conclusion, Taylor took a moment to reflect on the journey and conveyed her heartfelt appreciation to the audience. “This has truly been the most magical experience of my life. I’m not being hyperbolic,” she revealed, showing her genuine connection with her devoted fans.

Taylor’s connection with her fans extends beyond the stage, as she humorously admitted to trying to memorize their faces during the concerts. “If you see me staring at you, it’s just because I’m actively trying to memorize your faces,” she shared, highlighting the special bond she has with her dedicated supporters.

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With each performance, Taylor Swift continues to create unforgettable moments on ‘The Eras Tour,’ leaving fans with cherished memories of her extraordinary talent and genuine appreciation for their unwavering support. The surprise performance of “no body, no crime” with HAIM in Seattle will undoubtedly remain etched in the hearts of Swifties for years to come.

As ‘The Eras Tour’ concludes its US run, Taylor Swift’s artistry and connection with her fans continue to shine brightly, making this tour a truly magical experience for everyone involved.