“The View” host Sara Haines claimed that Taylor Swift’s reported romance with NFL player Travis Kelce is nothing but a publicity stunt.

The host 46, and executive producer Brian Teta, appeared on Monday’s episode of the “Behind the Table” podcast. Hained revealed why she wasn’t too thrilled about the pairing. She added that she had a disagreement with her colleagues about which topical news should be discussed on the show.

The “Today” show correspondent revealed that she became “upset” and found Teta’s demand “annoying” that “The View” co-hosts talk about the ‘Lover’ singer’s newfound relationship.

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Haines explained on the podcast: “I can usually find something, but I’ll let you know when I don’t care. This is a p.r. stunt, this whole thing, and I’m just not that interested in it, because it feels like you’re giving air to a publicity stunt. She does not need more expensive concert tickets that are hard to get. Like, she’s good. We’re good.”

Teta clapped back saying that Haines had “an opinion that would’ve been interesting to hear on television.” However, Haines chose to stand by her point. “The Swifties are as bad as the Beyhive. They come for you if you even allude to them,” she said, alluding to Swift’s loyal fanbase. “I don’t like to put negative energy out there, I don’t care who she dates, but it’s not because I’m a bad person.”

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Haines also added that she wasn’t the only one who wasn’t keen on discussing Swift and Kelce’s romance on the show. Whoopi Goldberg and co-hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin agreed with her when it comes to the topics to talk about on ‘The Host.’

However, panelist Alyssa Farah Griffin was more than happy to talk about Swift and Kelce on air.

Teta added: “Moral of the story is everyone doesn’t always agree, and I made the decision not to do the topic because several of you felt this way, but I felt there’s a public interest. You have an opinion, it might not be an opinion that people agree with, it might not be the most positive opinion in the world, but that’s OK, you do you.”