Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 after the nation worried over her worsening health condition, with several gathering in front of Buckingham Palace earlier in the day. The Netflix series The Crown has halted filming as a show of respect. 

Peter Morgan, the show’s creator released a statement via Deadline, saying “The Crown is a love letter to her and I’ve nothing to add, for now, just silence and respect”, and added, “I expect we will stop filming out of respect too.”

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The queen’s 70-year reign makes her the longest ruling monarch in British history and The Crown director, Stephen Daldry, had told Deadline in 2016 that if filming was going on when the queen died, they’d halt production. 

“None of us know when that time will come but it would be right and proper to show respect to the Queen”, Daldry said at the time, adding, “It would be a simple tribute and a mark of respect. She’s a global figure and it’s what we should do. She’s an extraordinary woman and people will be upset.” 

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The Crown Season 5 arrives on the platform this November. Over the course of the series Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, and Imelda Staunton played the part of the ruler. The next season, whose filming has been halted, is slated to feature both Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Queen has seen several turning points in history including England becoming a commonwealth from an empire. Speaking of her rule, Morgan told IndieWire that the queen is like a mother to the nation. He added, “We don’t want a head of state to be a troubled figure. We want someone parental and reassuring”, continuing, “She hasn’t put a foot wrong with her constancy when we’ve had a shockingly turbulent time. When it has felt impossible to have any confidence in our political class during our schizophrenic war over Brexit, the country has felt rudderless and unhinged. It has been unsettling for everybody psychologically and emotionally.”