Bo-Katan Kryze’s encounter with a mythosaur in The Mandalorian was a revelation. Before her rescue of Din Djarin, no one had seen the creature in many millennia, and even the Armorer didn’t believe they still existed. Bo-Katan kept her sighting to herself, which seems surprising given her membership in the Watch, a religious group of zealots.

However, she is a smart and self-aware person who knows her history and reputation among her fellow Mandalorians. Her past is marked by tragedy, failure, and death, and her acceptance of the Darksaber is seen as dishonorable by many. Her people have suffered greatly, with the Empire’s destruction of Mandalore and the scattering of the remaining Mandalorians among the stars.

Given Bo-Katan’s difficult history, she knows that claiming to have seen a mythosaur would be met with skepticism and doubt. It would be seen as a desperate attempt to regain power and status, especially since she no longer possesses the Darksaber.

She asks Din Djarin if he saw anything rather than telling him outright, knowing that even he would have trouble believing her. She lacks credibility among her own people and does not want to appear as a fraud.

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Bo-Katan’s rescue of Din Djarin redeems her in the eyes of the Watch, despite her not following The Way before. She bathed in the Living Waters and does not remove her helmet, making her one of them. With the Nite Owls abandoning her and her family’s castle in ruins, Bo-Katan found herself with no friends or home.

The Watch offers her both, and she accepts the partnership of convenience. However, something beyond pragmatism was going through her mind during her induction. The sight of the mythosaur must have shaken her to the core, and she might not find the ancient ways as ridiculous as she once did.

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If mythosaurs are real and still alive on Mandalore, what other ancient tales might also be true? Bo-Katan might truly become a convert if she believes that the Watch is right about everything, including the prophecy that the return of the mythosaur heralds a new dawn for Mandalore.

Bo-Katan’s life is marked by disappointment and sadness, but the sight of the mythosaur changed everything she thought she knew about the old tales. She is now left to ponder what it means for her and all Mandalorians. Until she has a chance to sit with it all, it is best for her to keep her secret and her helmet on.