Hayden Christensen embodies Star Wars’ covert asset. Following his portrayal of Anakin in the prequel trilogy, he distanced himself from the franchise to pursue alternative projects. Yet, when Ewan McGregor retook the stage as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Christensen followed suit, leading to the long-awaited Mustafar rematch cherished by countless fans.

Now poised to join the series centered around his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, Christensen’s role assumes a less distinct form this time around. Ahsoka unfolds years after Anakin’s passing, necessitating either a flashback or the presence of a Force ghost. Alternatively, a clandestine third option might exist—one that not only brims with intrigue but seamlessly aligns with Ahsoka’s narrative trajectory.

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TheMediocreCritic, a prolific fan theorist, proposes a compelling notion regarding a scene from the trailer, which could potentially unveil the means by which Anakin might make an appearance in Ahsoka. In a particular frame, we witness an intense exchange between Ahsoka and a novel character, fallen Jedi Baylan Skoll, set against the backdrop of structures resembling the Star Maps showcased in Knights of the Old Republic.

According to this theory, the chamber depicted in the scene isn’t intended to display cosmic configurations, but rather causal maps—a mechanism enabling Ahsoka to glimpse events that might have unfolded within alternative timelines. Consider the prospects: What if she hadn’t departed from the Jedi Order? What if she had engaged Anakin before the precipice of his transformation? Through the conduit of a distinctive Force ability, Baylan could potentially unveil to her these instances that diverge from conventional flashbacks, presenting instead a kind of “flash-sideways” window into alternate realities.

This proposed approach not only provides a brilliant avenue for Anakin’s inclusion in Ahsoka, bypassing repetitive flashbacks from The Clone Wars, but also offers a pivotal revelation that aligns seamlessly with Ahsoka’s current narrative juncture. Laden with remorse over her master’s destiny, Ahsoka finds herself ensnared in introspection, contemplating the myriad alternate paths she could have trodden.

Baylan’s motives likely harbor ulterior agendas, and the forthcoming revelations are bound to inflict a poignant sting. However, these disclosures hold the potential to deliver a transformative impact. Unveiling the truth that her actions were bound by necessity and that Anakin’s destiny stood as a vital fulcrum for the equilibrium of the Force, stands as a necessary catalyst for Ahsoka’s character arc to attain completion.

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Devotees have accompanied Ahsoka’s journey from her earliest days as a youngling, and as she steps into the limelight of the live-action realm, this juncture of catharsis alongside her cherished confidant and mentor, Anakin, stands as an imperative narrative stride.

Ahsoka premiered on August 23, 2023 on Disney+.