The Togruta hailed from the planet Shili, constituting a carnivorous humanoid species. Characterized by their unique physiology, Togruta possessed head-tails known as lekku, reminiscent of the Twi’leks, although with a distinct trait. Unlike the Twi’leks, a Togruta’s lekku emerged from their montrals and ran parallel to their heads, creating the appearance of an elaborate headdress. A defining feature of the Togruta was their montrals, large horn-like projections extending from the crown of their heads. These montrals served as a sort of hollow structure and bestowed the Togruta with a rudimentary form of passive echolocation.

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To ensure their safety against perilous predators and to effectively hunt their own prey, Togruta adopted a communal lifestyle, forming tribes. They harnessed their natural pigmentation as a means to confound and bewilder slower-witted creatures. Thriving in collective settings, the Togruta displayed a penchant for group dynamics, viewing individualism as unconventional in their societal framework. However, the quality of individualism also held significance, particularly when it came to leadership roles within their culture.

The Togruta, the species to which Ahsoka belongs, typically have an average lifespan that ranges from 82 to 94 years. Interestingly, certain sources suggest that Togruta who possess a strong affinity for the Force can potentially extend their lives significantly, with claims indicating that they might even reach up to 200 years.

The Togruta culture was marked by a profound sense of solidarity and cohesion. This deep bond of unity was particularly evident on their ancestral world of Shili, where mutual reliance and collective action were integral to their way of life. In the face of formidable threats like the akul, gargantuan creatures that pursued them, the Togruta united against these challenges. Notably, the indigenous Togruta would unite as a cohesive force to confront the predatory creatures that inhabited Shili, a planet predominantly characterized by scrublands, their chosen hunting grounds for herbivorous prey.

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Although much of Shili’s landscape was comprised of these scrublands, the Togruta formed close-knit communities nestled within the forested valleys. These sheltered areas, concealed by the canopies above, served as their residential domains. Here, they were safeguarded from prying eyes and external dangers, embodying their inclination to seek refuge and solidarity within their closely-bonded groups.