Morgan Elsbeth was a major person in the Galactic Empire’s Imperial Navy building and a servant of the ruthless Grand Admiral Thrawn. In episode 1 of Ahsoka, it is also revealed that she is a Nightsister, a hypothesis that certain fans have long held. Diana Lee Inosanto plays her character.

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Who is Diana Lee Inosanto?

Diana Lee Inosanto, daughter of martial arts legend Dan Inosanto and Sue Inosanto, holds a unique place in Hollywood as an She. Renowned as the goddaughter of the late Bruce Lee, she’s carved a trailblazing path in the entertainment industry.

Guided by her aunt, Asian American actress Lilia Inosanto (stage name Lona Nai), Diana honed her theater skills. Graduating to guidance from famed Broadway casting director Michael Shurtleff, she immersed herself in acting, studying under Tzi Ma and refining her craft with the Michael Chekhov method and Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade.

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Diana’s prowess extended to fight choreography, earning her the title “Sensei to the Stars.” Stars like Melissa McCarthy and Rosa Salazar honed their action roles under her guidance. Her journey unveiled a vital truth: Hollywood’s inclusivity needed change. A mother of an autistic son, Diana’s path wasn’t without challenges. Her partnership with husband Ron Balicki led to forming MARS Action Group, spreading martial arts education.

Spotlight fell on Diana while demonstrating a fight scene with Ron Balicki. The movie ‘Barb Wire’ cast her in a role initially meant for a man, launching her stuntwoman journey. She doubled for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s iconic Buffy and found success in Hollywood’s action realm.

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Inspired by indie filmmakers, Diana embarked on her film project. ‘The Sensei,’ her indie gem, won awards, explored LGBTQ themes, and showcased her talents as a writer, director, and actress. An activist too, she addressed anti-Asian hate, engaged with causes, and supported Filipino American veterans.

Diana’s latest venture, a children’s book, mirrors her journey with her autistic son. Her involvement with producer Mark Gordon in recounting her father’s secret training program for the 1977 Dallas Cowboys underscores her remarkable influence.