The Ahsoka series is providing numerous Star Wars enthusiasts with their inaugural introduction to the cast of Rebels. Among the notable members of the ensemble worth noting is C1-10P, affectionately known as Chopper.

Beyond his distinct personality, Chopper holds the special distinction of having his voice brought to life by none other than Dave Filoni, the creative force behind Rebels as its writer, director, and a veteran mind shaping Lucasfilm’s storytelling universe.

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Who is Dave Filoni?

Born on June 7, 1974, David Filoni is a versatile American director, producer, screenwriter, and voice actor. His creative contributions span a diverse range of projects, including noteworthy roles in various productions. Notable works in his impressive portfolio include his involvement in “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “The Mandalorian,” and both the theatrical film and television iterations of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Filoni’s creative prowess extended to his role as the creator and executive producer of “Star Wars Rebels,” a captivating series that spanned four seasons. Throughout its run, he also took on the role of supervising director for all seasons except the third, during which Justin Ridge stepped in as supervising director. During this time, Filoni’s responsibilities expanded as he assumed a higher position overseeing all of Lucasfilm Animation’s endeavors.

His influence continued to shape the Star Wars universe, as evidenced by his credits as a writer and executive producer for the web series “Star Wars Forces of Destiny.” Furthermore, he conceived the animated series “Star Wars Resistance” (2018-2020) and the acclaimed “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” (2021), the latter securing a third season renewal.

Filoni’s transition into the realm of live-action storytelling resulted in the creation of the miniseries “Ahsoka” (2023), which serves as a continuation of the narrative introduced in “Star Wars Rebels.” His multifaceted contributions have left an indelible mark on the expansive Star Wars universe.

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Before immersing himself in the realm of Lucasfilm Animation, David Filoni embarked on his creative journey as a storyboard artist and, at times, an assistant director for a range of animated series. His diverse experiences included collaborations on projects such as Mike Judge’s “King of the Hill,” Phil Walsh’s “Teamo Supremo,” and Disney’s “Kim Possible,” each showcasing his evolving artistic and storytelling skills.

A significant chapter in Filoni’s career was his pivotal role in directing a multitude of episodes during the inaugural season of Nickelodeon’s animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” This marked a notable accomplishment, as he contributed his directorial touch to this critically acclaimed show that has garnered a dedicated fan base.