‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, which is set to hit theatres on July 8, holds a special place in the hearts of three Marvel actors for several reasons- It is the fourth solo ‘Thor’ film, the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and most importantly, a project that brought the cast together again and deepened friendships. 

In conversation with IGN, actors Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson shared how their bond helped in making the film better. 

“It was so incredible getting to work again with so many of the actors that I had previously worked with,” Portman said.

 “I really appreciated getting another opportunity with Chris and with Tessa, who is also a great friend. It was just really fun to get to play again and also to come on set feeling comfortable already,” she added.

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Portman, who returns as Jane Foster in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, shared that she loved working with Tessa because it was an opportunity to work with a female star, which she believes, is “always much more fun and much more powerful and meaningful.”

The feeling was mutual for Thomspon, who said that Portman is “an incredible actor who has been working for a long time now.”

“I feel really inspired when I see someone that has been doing it for a long time and they’re still trying to reach new heights and do things that challenge them,” she said.

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Joining the duo was Chris Hemsworth, who talked about the reunion of his and Portman’s characters.

“I started this journey with Natalie Portman 10 years ago, so to sort of reunite this many years later was just really exciting. When we had the prospect of doing this film in front of us, we were both talking about it a lot prior to shooting and throwing around ideas of how we’d interact or how the characters would interact and how it would be familiar, but also different to what we’d seen before,” he said.

“I think so much of the change of who Thor was has a lot to do with the people he’s interacting with. And so to interact again with Jane Foster after they were both in very different places made it so much fun,” he concluded.