Natalie Portman wishes to collaborate with Captain Marvel.

When asked, the Oscar winner at the international premiere of “Thor: Love and Thunder,” revealed her ultimate superhero crossover.

“I love Captain Marvel,” Portman stated. “Brie [Larson] is a dear friend so that would be a fun one. That would be cool.”

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In “Love and Thunder,” Portman’s Jane Foster takes on the role of The Mighty Thor after being given the hammer.

“I feel so lucky. I feel so excited that that has become part of the story arc for Jane,” Portman declared. “I think it’s incredible that all children have an array of women they can identify with and there’s just not one. I feel like I grew up where there was like Wonder Woman or maybe Catwoman. There [was] one kind of these characters, so now to have this wide variety of personalities, different appearances, different powers, it allows everyone to imagine their potential.”

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Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie in “Love and Thunder,” says she hopes to see her superhero alter-ego appear in the world of Black Panther.

“I hadn’t worked with really any of the superheroes from Wakanda. That crew would be really good fun,” Thompson claimed. “I’d love to visit Wakanda. I feel like as a Black American you should visit your homeland. Valkyrie is Asgardian — of course, she’s not Wakandan — but I think we’d have fun together. Maybe a Wakanda and New Asgard mashup. At least make a band or something.”

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“I want to be invited to the Wakanda cookout. I don’t even need to do anything in the movie. I just need to be in the background or just be at the cookout. Ryan Coogler, you got my number!” she added.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” hit theatres on July 8 in the United States and on July 7 in India.