Taika Waititi’s newest Marvel film “Thor: Love & Thunder” releases on July 7, starring Chris Pratt, Tessa Thompson, and Chris Hemsworth. However, the villain of the film has been revealed to be Gorr, the God Butcher. Played by Christian Bale, the character claims to be the slayer of divine beings, as the name suggests. His contempt for them isn’t without reason; he is known to have resided on an unnamed planet as a typical religious family man before his transformation into the antagonist of the plot.

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After being faced with the devastating conditions of his home planet which eventually result in the deaths of his family members, Gorr loses faith in the Gods his planet worshipped. Early in his childhood, he had made an oath to retain his faith in his Gods, and prayed throughout the severe starvation and illness-ridden life he had lived. However, he later regains his belief about the existence of divine entities, and pursues them with a newfound vengeance.

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Gorr’s faith in the Gods returns when he encounters a warrior in combat with Knull, who is also a celestial being who created the Symbiotes. When asked for help to defeat Knull, Gorr decides to steal the “All-Black” from him, which is the original Symbiote that allows Gorr to acquaint himself with the dark presence and use it to manifest weapons. 

Through his newfound powers, Gorr is able to carry out his mission to kill every celestial being in the universe. Apart from the increase in his overall strength and ability to fly, he also possesses the ability to create life, which he utilises to form the Black Berserkers, an army of creatures to fulfill his objective.