Secret Invasion’s finale episode was released on Disney+ on July 26, and the takeaway was Emilia Clarke‘s character Gi’ah receiving the power of several formidable Avengers.

Spoilers ahead

In an unexpected revelation, it is disclosed that Nick Fury (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) has been a shapeshifting G’iah all along. This revelation takes place as she engages in a fierce battle with the villain Gravik, harnessing all the powers obtained from the Harvest.

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G’iah emerges as the most dominant character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The concluding episode discloses the pivotal moment where she acquires the DNA of the mightiest Avengers, cementing G’iah’s status as an unparalleled force within the MCU.

During this epic confrontation, G’iah triumphs over Gravik, utilizing the powerful energy blast that is typically associated with Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson). Fans have been thoroughly impressed with Clarke’s performance in this fight scene, and her landing moment has gone viral.

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“EMILIA CLARKE BEING THE MOST POWERFUL CHARACTER IN THE MCU IS THE ONLY WIN I GOT TODAY BUT I’LL TAKE IT,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another said: “Emilia Clarke getting her superhero landing is the best thing that happened in #SecretInvasion.”