Hollywood actor Johnny Depp seems to be celebrating his defamation trial victory by indulging in mindless social media scrolls and musical tours. 

Just days after defeating his ex-wife Amber Heard in the case, the 58-year-old joined video platform TikTok on Monday with “occasional thespian” as his bio. 

Minutes later, eagle-eyed TikTok users flooded Depp’s verified handle, increasing his follower count to around a quarter-million, according to The New York Post. 

While Depp has managed to return to social media with a bang, he remains uncertain, yet hopeful that his acting career rises back from the ashes, according to a source close to him. 

For now, Depp is making sure to stand in all the spotlight he has gained on social media since the trial began.

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He is also finding his way back to music, apparently somewhere in the United Kingdom, where he has joined his friend Jeff Beck for a tour. Last month, Depp appeared on stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall l for Beck’s show.

Depp’s legal victory has benefited Dior as well, the French luxury fashion house that continued to feature him as the face of ‘Sauvage’ despite criticism amid the trial. The brand has witnessed a spike in the sales of the cologne since the verdict came out.

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According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Depp’s fans have been splurging on the cologne, which sells in a 6.8-ounce bottle at a price of $155.

“He knows that Dior, in particular, has been steadfast and unwavering in its support and he will always be grateful to them and to all those who have supported him through the sales on his behalf,” Depp’s spokesperson told the Journal.