Controversy has engulfed popular internet streamer Ice Poseidon, whose real name is Paul Denino, along with his friend Sam Pepper, following their recent broadcast featuring an “escort.” Ice Poseidon, a prominent figure on the streaming platform Kick, has found himself at the center of a storm of criticism and has even faced apparent legal trouble as a result.

Twitter has become a hub for discussions surrounding Ice Poseidon’s supposed “arrest.” Video clips circulating on the platform capture the streamer and Sam Pepper walking down the street when law enforcement officers intervene, announcing, “You are both currently under arrest for sexual assault.”

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Another video circulating online documents the duo’s conversation with a police officer at the police station. In this over 16-minute video, the police officer discusses the “serious offense” they are accused of committing. He mentions their potential objection to the charges and reveals that they will not be able to post bail, stating, “In Australia, we don’t take money.” The officer conveys the gravity of the situation to them.

The controversy stems from Ice Poseidon’s recent stream, during which he hired an escort for a middle-aged man and filmed their activities in a hotel room. Numerous claims and speculations surfaced on Twitter, with some suggesting that the camera used was hidden. In response, Ice Poseidon took to Twitter to clarify that the camera in the room was not concealed. He shared a video in which the man in the room points out the camera, saying, “That’s the live-stream.” Ice also asserted that he was “swatted” and not “arrested.”

Addressing the situation further, Ice shared another video featuring a prior phone conversation with the woman involved in the video. He asked if she was comfortable with being filmed, and she apparently agreed, indicating that an additional fee would be required for filming. The same video also shows Ice talking to the middle-aged man after the escort left the room. The man had momentarily held the door closed when she attempted to leave, to which Ice responded, “Definitely cannot hold the door. You have to let her go.”

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In the wake of the controversy, several Kick streamers took to Twitter to express their concerns. MsSavage, a gamer and cosplayer, expressed her discomfort with the content and called for action, saying that Kick needed to address the situation promptly. FNATIC Stallion, another streamer, announced his decision to switch back to Twitch from Kick due to the incident, stating that he could not accept it as acceptable behavior.

Kick’s administrators also issued statements on Twitter, although they did not directly address the Ice Poseidon controversy. They mentioned their commitment to achieving a balance on their platform and acknowledged their ongoing efforts to make improvements to their community guidelines and enforcement measures based on feedback from their community.