Anti-vaxxers on social media began linking Tori Kelly’s hospitalization to side effects of the Covid vaccine after she was hospitalized due to blood clots around her lungs.

The 30-year-old Grammy winner reportedly complained about her heart racing extremely fast on Sunday night while out to dinner with friends in downtown Los Angeles. She ‘passed out,’ according to sources, and was unconscious ‘for a while’.

According to TMZ, Tori’s friends preferred that she be taken to Cedars-Sinai, one of the best hospitals in the nation, rather than a hospital in the city. Doctors discovered blood clots in the singer’s legs and lungs. It was reported that she has been slipping in and out of consciousness while there. The medical staff is trying to determine if there are any clots around her heart.

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One conservative political commentator called Evan Kilgore tweeted: “American Singer, Tori Kelly, was rushed to the hospital and is being treated for blood clots surrounding her vital organs. How many more healthy young people need to die, or become seriously injured, for you to believe us? The COVID vaccines were a mistake.” His tweet has gone viral.

Another conservative political pundit @DC_Draino tweeted: “30 y/o singer Tori Kelly is now hospitalized in serious condition due to blood clots after passing out during dinner How many more young people need to die or be hospitalized from blood clots before we start imprisoning the people responsible for this crime against humanity?”

Was Tori Kelly vaccinated?

There is no information on what Tori Kelly’s Covid vaccine status is. The only report is from back in 2020 when the singer canceled d what would have been her first Singapore concert due to the coronavirus outbreak. It was originally scheduled to take place at the Capitol Theatre on April 17, 2020.

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“I’m really bummed and this is the last thing I wanted to do, but it is necessary. Praying for our world right now! Please stay safe and look out for one another during these times and I’ll hopefully see you soon,” she said at the time to her fans.

Many of her fans have slammed the recent speculations about Covid vaccine side effects being the reason behind her hospitalization.

One person wrote: “Really hope Tori Kelly is okay AND FOR EVERYONE WHO IS SAYING IT BECAUSE SHE GOT THE COVID VACCINE there are so many things that can cause blood clots so unless you’re her doctor and you were able to test for it and found out that it’s from her vaccine shut up.” Another tweeted: “Can y’all please actually pray for tori kelly instead of making this about vaccine conspiracies? You b****es are really weird. It’s not the time!”

A third person added: “Anyone can get blood clots from genetics, travel, lifestyle, illness, and of course COVID-19, but all the usual weirdos out here using Tori Kelly to push anti-vax nonsense. My aunt went through this long before the vaccine. Wishing Tori the best.”