Singer Lady Gaga was seen wearing a number of dazzling masks while she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 31 and dominated the event, winning several awards, including artist of the year.

But what caught people’s attention was the collection of masks that the singer won, matching them with her outfits. From her green gown to the avant garde silver outfit, every dress was accompanied with a mask.

“This has not been an easy year for a lot of people,” she said. “Stay safe, speak your minds, and I might sound like a broken record but wear a mask,” the singer added.

Watch her performance here.

Netizens were quick to react to her choice of wearing the masks while performing, and took to social media to express their awe.

“I feel @ladygaga would be wearing the same outfit and mask even if corona virus didn’t exist,” a user wrote on Twitter.

“The Fashionable bubble face shield! Ya! Love Red heart the dress too by the way!,” another user wrote.