Westworld‘ the HBO series released the trailer for Season 4 on Thursday. The two-and-a-half-minute clip begins with Evan Rachel Wood’s narration, saying “This is a story about a girl”, adding, “Every single day she wakes up, the more she sees it. Nobody else can. But there’s something wrong with the world… and that it’s her fault.” 

Since Dolores is no longer in the show, Wood is seen as the new character Christina, who’s a writer. 

The trailer takes viewers through events that unfurl after Season 3 but no coherent narrative emerges. There’s also some lack of clarity about who’s who, as we see some of the known androids return. The central crux of the season is to adapt or die and the trailer states “Maybe it’s time you question the nature of your own reality”. 

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It shows the Man in Black hooked to a machine and threatened while Maeve appears to have a mysterious air. Caleb is seen wandering and Bernard holds up a familiar maze-like symbol. Explosions and gushing wounds fill much of the trailer, which is a distinct departure from the teaser, which had a sense of calm accentuated by Lou Reed singing ‘Perfect Day’. 

The trailer offers no such respite, showing how the world is in distress. A couple of other visuals appear to centre on a dam and show a lot of flies. 

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‘Westworld’ returns with a fourth instalment after over two years of absence. Ariana DeBose of ‘Westside Story’ fame appears in a mystery role as does James Marsden, who played Teddy and previously met a seemingly conclusive end on the show. 

The dystopic sci-fi drama is based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name. It shows how artificial consciousness is birthed, giving rise to a new life form on earth. The upcoming season releases on June 26.