Former kickboxer Andrew Tate was rushed to hospital from the
Romanian detention centre post his arrest in late December.

American-British social media personality and former professional
kickboxer Emory Andrew Tate was taken to the hospital after a routine medical check-up.
According to the sources, Andrew was taken to the hospital after a node
formation was detected in his lung. He was medically examined in the hospital
to make sure that it wasn’t a cancerous tumor.

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The social media personality Andrew’s official Twitter
account tweeted a cryptic message about an attack which wrote, “The matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you
cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill.”

Andrew along with his brother
Tristan Tate was arrested in late December in Romania’s capital, Bucharest for
an investigation of human trafficking. Tate brothers were then detained for a
period of 30 days in a Romanian jail on the charges of human trafficking, forming
an organized crime group, and rape.

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It wasn’t the first time when the self-described
misogynist, Andrew Tate referred to The Matrix which according to the two
brothers is the power that lies in politics, media, and big tech companies.

The first tweet from Andrew’s
account after his arrest was, “The Matrix has sent their agents.” His account also
tweeted “The Matrix will only tell you what the Matrix need you to believe”
after he was sent to 30-day detention.

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After spreading and expressing his misogynistic
views, the 36-year-old Andrew was banned from many social media platforms.

“He’s (Andrew Tate) a self-described misogynist.
Misogyny and degrading women is really central to who he is and his message,”
said Moira Aikenhead, the University of Victoria Faculty of Law’s assistant
professor. Moira also specializes in gender violence which is technology facilitated.

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She also said, “However, it’s also sort of mixed in with other things.
He’s also attempting to sell a lifestyle to people who feel disenfranchised or
that the world has sort of wronged them.”

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there is no confirmation from law enforcement, reports suggest that influencer
Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan are back in the Romanian jail.