Leaders across the world have slammed the attacks by Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters on Brazil’s democratic institutions, including the Congress. the Supreme Court and the presidential palace.

Around 170 supporters of Bolsonaro were arrested, according to a report by CNN.

Bolsonaro has himself criticised the protests and refuted claims of him inciting the riots. 

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US President Joe Biden said about the riots, “I condemn the assault on democracy and on the peaceful transfer of power in Brazil. Brazil’s democratic institutions have our full support and the will of the Brazilian people must not be undermined. I look forward to continuing to work with @LulaOficial.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in reference to the incident, “Deeply concerned about the news of rioting and vandalism against the State institutions in Brasilia. Democratic traditions must be respected by everyone. We extend our full support to the Brazilian authorities.”

France President Emmanuel Macron has also criticised the attack. He shared a message on Twitter that translates into “The will of the Brazilian people and democratic institutions must be respected! The President @LulaOficial can count on the unconditional support of France.”

The images from the attacks on Brazil’s government institutions hark back to the January 6, 2021 attacks on the US Capitol where supporters of former US President Donald Trump barged into the US Capitol and vandalized the institution.

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Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the newly elected Brazilian president, has said regarding the attacks, “These fascist fanatics have done something never before seen in this country’s history,” further adding, “We will find out who these vandals are, and they will be brought down with the full force of the law”.