Former Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro slammed the “depredations and invasions of public buildings” in Brasília, after his supporters stormed the Brazilian Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace on Sunday.

Bolsonaro tweeted that “peaceful demonstrations, respecting the law, are part of democracy.”

“However, depredations and invasions of public buildings as occurred today, as well as those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, escape the rule,” he continued. “Throughout my mandate, I have always been acting according to the Constitution, respecting and defending the laws, democracy, transparency and our sacred freedom.”

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The riots, which brought back memories of the Jan. 6 invasion of the US Capitol, came just a week after the inauguration of his leftist rival, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Protesters climbed on the roof, broke windows and vandalized offices in a riot, described by Lula as “barbarism” by “fascists.”

Lula said Sunday he visited the Planalto Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court in Brasilia

“The coup plotters who promoted the destruction of public property in Brasilia are being identified and will be punished,” Lula da Silva posted on Facebook. “Tomorrow we resume work at the Planalto Palace. Always Democracy. Goodnight.”

After hours of protest, Ibaneis Rocha, the governor of the country’s Federal District, said that at least 400 people were arrested.

“We continue working to identify all the others who participated in these terrorist acts this afternoon in the Federal District. We continue to work to restore order,” Rocha said in a tweet.

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A senior government official vowed to punish those involved in the attack.

“I’m in the field, walking on the streets and personally commanding the security forces, fulfilling the mission I received from the President of the Republic. Nobody will go unpunished. The democratic rule of law will not be walled up by criminals,” Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Justice Minister Ricardo Cappelli said.