A Brazilian University student was caught on camera accusing Israel of troubling Palestinians. The student has been identified as The Lau.

In a video that went viral on social media, she can be seen explaining why she is attending an anti-Israel march. She claimed Israel is an illegitimate state and accused Israel of causing great pain to the Palestinians.

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Who is The Lau?

The Lau is a student at Brazilian University. She was severely criticized on social media for her anti-semitic views and saying against Israel.

Several X users slammed her on social media. One user wrote, “i think i know what they would do in Gaza with people like her.”

“She would be so greatly appreciated and welcomed in Gaza. So much so, that they would honor her by finding the tallest building possible to throw her from, and the sharpest and largest machete possible to behead her. Inshallah.” another user wrote. 

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One X user wrote, “In all economically failed countries, their people stand against Israel, which is nothing but jealousy and envy”

Antisemitic events worldwide have reportedly increased after Hamas attacked southern Israel on October 7 and the Israeli military bombarded the Gaza Strip in response. Jewish groups have noted an increase in online antisemitic rhetoric in addition to instances such as the graffiti defacement of a Rio de Janeiro synagogue. 

Authorities and civil society organizations in several nations have voiced worry, despite the fact that no reports of violent threats or assaults have been made. 

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The executive president of the Jewish Federation of the State of Sao Paulo, Ricardo Berkiensztat, stated that their organizations had increased security as a result of this concerning trend. Antisemitic remarks made on the internet, like “Hitler didn’t finish; he should have finished killing Jews,” are prime examples of the kind of speech that is being heard.