A man was spotted intimidating and harassing people who were hanging posters of kidnapped Israeli civilians by Hamas.

The man has been identified as Kenneth Foster. He was caught on video while he was allegedly harassing people.

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Who is Kenneth Foster?

Kenneth Foster is an MTA Superintendent for Third Rail Operations in NYC. He was severely slammed on social media platforms for expressing antisemitic views.

Several Instagram users circled him and bashed him for his actions. One user reacting to the video on Instagram commented, “Wow. 36 years in the MTA is a Union many wouldn’t wanna throw away over showing their hatred and demoralizing characters in public. Good for him, ruined everything for himself lmaoo”

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“@mta I don’t feel safe with this man driving the subway. I would like to know which lines he operates so I can stay away.” another user wrote.

One user wrote, “@mta this is scary and unhinged? Are you letting him operate and manage the subways and other railways in and around nyc? This is UNSAFE”

After the Middle East crisis broke out on October 7 due to an attack on Israel by the Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas, antisemitic occurrences in the US increased by around 400% in just over two weeks, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Based on preliminary statistics from the ADL Center on Extremism, 312 acts of harassment, vandalism, and violence against Jews were recorded in the United States between October 7 and October 23. About 190 of these had a direct connection to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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The continuous confrontation has prompted the U.S. Justice Department to declare that it is keeping a close eye on the growing threats directed toward Muslims and Jews. President Joe Biden has categorically denounced Islamophobia and antisemitism.

Approximately 1,200 people were killed in a Hamas onslaught on October 7, and as of Tuesday, approximately 5,700 Palestinians had died as a result of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, according to Gazan officials.