A 46-year-old Cleriston Pereira da Cunha, who was detained for his involvement in the coup attempts on January 8, died inside the Complexo Penitenciario da Papuda in Brasilia. 

Around ten in the morning, Cleriston passed away from a “sudden illness,” according to jail officials.

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Who was Cleriston Pereira da Cunha?

Cleriston Pereira da Cunha was 46 years old. He was arrested for his involvement in the January 8th coup attempts. Da Cunha was married and had two daughters. He died suddenly while he was in captivity in Brasilia prison.

After his death, Minister Alexandre de Moraes of the Supreme Federal Court went straight to the Papuda prison for specifics, asking for access to Cleriston’s medical data. In response, the Federal District (Seape) Secretary of Penitentiary Administration said that since his admittance on January 9th, 2023, Cleriston has been closely monitored by a multidisciplinary team from the Basic Health Unit (UBS) of Papuda.

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The sudden health issue sparked an immediate response. Quickly assembling on the jail grounds, emergency services—including fire department trucks and SAMU (Mobile Emergency Care Service)—were prepared to take the sick guy to an outside medical facility. At 10:58 am, a fire department medical team member ruled him dead despite the quick reaction and resuscitation efforts.

The Supreme Federal Court was instantly informed about the incident by Judge Leila Cury of the Court of Penal Executions. Concurrently, Republican-DF Senator Damares Alves offered her condolences and that she would be keeping a close eye on the situation. Alves stressed the deceased’s pre-existing medical conditions and asked for consolation and assistance for his bereaved family.

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Several social media reacted to his sudden death in jail. One X user wrote, “PATRIOT Clériston Pereira da Cunha dies, arrested on January 8th. What country is this?”

“Cleriston Pereira Cunha, defendant do 8 of January, loses his life on the Papuda premises, leaving behind his wife and two daughters. 😔You already know who is responsible for Cleriston’s death. REST IN PEACE” another user wrote.