A man is facing harsh criticism on social media for tearing down posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas, in a Jewish neighborhood in New York City.

The man has been identified as Ishan Daya.

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Ishan Daya is the CEO of Crafty Delivers. He received severe backlash from social media users after the video of the incident went viral where she can be seen taking down posters of kidnapped Israelis by Hamas.

Flute performer Ishan Daya, a Northwestern alum, has chosen a non-traditional career path that departs greatly from his musical expertise. His first position at Milwaukee’s Summerfest served as the impetus for his early career philosophy of learning from a variety of situations. Daya’s journey has changed significantly since those early days.

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Daya joined the consulting industry after graduating and worked for several years at McKinsey. But in the end, his spirit of entrepreneurship inspired him to launch a new project with three other Northwestern alumni. This business has prospered throughout time, as evidenced by the team’s expansion from nine people in 2017 to 51 at present.

Several X users reacted to the video and expressed their anger and disappointment. One user wrote, “So crafty delivers seems to not care about kidnapped children? That’s gross.”

“”She” 🤡 might be guilty of a microaggression for misgendering “Sarah”  🤣😂” another user wrote.

One X user wrote, “@Crafty_delivers I think investors and decision makers should be aware that Ishan Data, CEO is destroying the image of its brand! Harboring an rude antisemite as a CEO just opens the business for discrimination lawsuits and boycotts!”

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Anti-Semitic incidents and actions of hostility towards Jews in the US and around the world have significantly increased in the wake of the October 7 tragedy and during the current conflict between Hamas and Israel. 

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), anti-Semitic occurrences in the US spiked by almost 400% in the first two weeks after the Middle East crisis began, which was sparked by a Hamas attack on Israel.