Omar Said compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

Who is Omar Said?

Omar Said is a software engineer for Amazon in CA & former VP for Students for Justice in Palestine at Toronto Metropolitan University. He equated Israel to Nazi Germany & said, “Blaming Hamas for firing rockets is like blaming a women [sic] for punishing her rapist.”

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Various sellers on Amazon’s platform are offering a range of merchandise featuring the pro-Palestinian slogan “from the river to the sea,” a phrase that some in the Jewish community view as an antisemitic battle cry. A search conducted by Fox News Digital revealed the phrase on items such as face masks, t-shirts, banners, flags, stickers, pins, and notepads.

Despite the potential implications of the slogan, Amazon has not provided an immediate response to inquiries from Fox News Digital regarding the sale of such merchandise on its platform.

The phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is interpreted differently by different groups. While some Jews perceive it as antisemitic and as a call for the destruction of Israel, many Palestinian activists argue that the slogan represents a plea for peace and equality in response to what they describe as Israel’s decades-long military occupation of millions of Palestinians.

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The slogan gained prominence during pro-Palestinian demonstrations worldwide, including in Washington, following the October 7th assault by Hamas in Israel. The attack resulted in significant casualties, with at least 1,200 individuals killed in Israel and approximately 240 taken hostage back to Gaza, marking one of the most severe instances of violence against Jews since the Holocaust. The differing interpretations of the slogan underscore the complex and contentious nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reflected not only in political discourse but also in the commercial sphere, as seen on platforms like Amazon.