Dylan Salata, a teacher in St. Louis, Missouri, alluded to Jews running and owning the media, the government and now the delis under a social media post announcing the arrival of a Jewish deli in town.

Who is Dylan Salata?

Dylan Salata, a teacher in St. Louis, Missouri, sparked controversy when, in response to a post about a new Jewish deli in town, he made antisemitic remarks suggesting Jewish influence over the media, government, and now delis. When confronted about his offensive comments by an Instagram user, Salata shockingly replied with a dismissive and disrespectful remark, saying, “don’t drop your kippah,” a blatant display of insensitivity towards Jewish religious attire.

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Salata’s comments have drawn attention and criticism for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and promoting antisemitic tropes. The incident highlights the ongoing need for awareness and education to combat discrimination and bigotry in various forms, especially in educational and public spaces. The inappropriate and offensive nature of Salata’s remarks underscores the importance of fostering inclusivity and understanding among individuals from diverse backgrounds.