The men involved in the brutal assault of Tulane Jewish students have been identified as a father and two sons: Abraham Quran, Majdaleen Quraan and Mohammed Quraan.

Who is Abraham Quraan?

Abraham Quraan is married to Sarab Quraan, who blamed the assault of Jewish students at Tulane University on the “Israeli government” and condoned her husband’s and sons’ actions. Abraham Quraan is in the real estate business and was a former employee at ABE Development. He was sued for discrimination by an interracial couple.

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Mohammed Quraan is a student at Brother Martin Catholic High School in New Orleans and is set to graduate in 2024.

A pro-Palestinian rally in New Orleans near Tulane University, which had a student body that was more than 40% Jewish, spiraled out of control on Thursday afternoon and led to violence.

According to video footage posted on X and confirmed by two Jewish Tulane students who did not want their full names used, two men, one of them masked, drove through the protest in a pickup truck waving a Palestinian flag. One of the men attempted to set an Israeli flag on fire.

Pnina, one of the Tulane students, told Jewish Insider that she witnessed a student trying to prevent the flag from burning, only to be hit in the head by the masked man with a flag pole. Her friend was punched by a pro-Palestinian protestor and hit in the head with a megaphone, leading to his nose being broken.

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The protest started after the group Tulane Students For Palestine – a local chapter of the group National Student for Justice in Palestine – posted an open letter on Instagram on Tuesday condemning Tulane’s response to the Hamas attack, followed by a post promoting a rally for Palestine. In a statement, the Tulane administration ​​”unequivocally condemned the attacks by Hamas on Israel and all forms of terrorism and hate.”

The SJP group called on Tulane to “denounce the Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people,” “divest from Israeli occupation,” and “protect Muslim and Arab Tulane students and others who speak out against Israel.”

The demonstration on Thursday along Freret Street near Tulane and Loyola New Orleans University was reportedly attended by “several hundred,” a mix of students and locals who were not affiliated with either university.