Actress and singer, Selena Gomez, called out Disney for forbidding her from saying the phrase, “What the hell?”. Gomez revealed the secrets of the trade while working as a Disney star in the popular show, Wizards of Waverly Place”. The actress is also previously known for opening up about her experience with Disney.

Gomez spoke during an interview with Vanity Fair for the 2023 Hollywood edition. “I wasn’t a wild child by any means, but I was on Disney, so I had to make sure not to say “What the hell” in front of anyone,” she added.

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What happened to Selena Gomez?

The “Ramona and Beezus” actress began her acting career as a child actress on the show Barney & Friends. Subsequently, she gained fame as the lead actress for hit Disney series Wizards of the Waverly Place. She even appeared on various other Disney shows like Hannah Montana, The Suite Life, etc.

Gomez has spoken over the strict rules and regulations Disney puts its actors through in the past as well. “I signed my life away to Disney”, the actress turned singer reportedly spoke in August 2021.

Recently, she also added that she was “putting” pressure on herself to be “the best role model”. Her role as Alex Russo on the famous Disney show was supposed to portray her best side. However, today she realizes that being the best role model is being “honest”, even with the “ugly and complicated parts” of yourself.

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Gomez also described how her mental health was affected after working with Disney. She spoke candidly in her Apple TV+ documentary ‘My Mind and Me’, “Sometimes I get triggered. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my past, it’s just that I’ve worked so hard to find my own way.” Later, she also adds that she is no longer “haunted” by the idea that people would always associate her with Disney. She concludes that she was “beyond proud” for the work she has done for the kids’ TV channel.