Kanye West‘s Twitter
account was suspended after he posted an image containing Nazi Swastika or
Hakenkreuz inside a Star of David as a campaign logo.

The provocative post
was one of West’s tweets he did earlier on December 2, which led to Twitter
CEO Elon Musk confirming that West’s account would be suspended again for the
second time in two months due to violating the platform’s policies “against
incitement to violence”.

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But the Nazi Swastika
tweet wasn’t the last of West. As after this tweet was deleted, West expecting his account to be suspended, posted a photo of Musk being hosted by
Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel on a yacht, saying it would be his last tweet. Musk
replied to the tweet saying that “it is fine,” but on the swastika post, he
wrote, “it is not.”

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In another tweet, Musk
said that the suspension of the rapper’s account wasn’t a result of posting an
“unflattering pic of me being hosed by Ari.” He also wrote that he found those
photos a good motivation to lose weight.

The rapper posted the
image after he appeared on an episode of the far-right conspiracy theory
website Infowars of Alex Jones. In the episode, he appraised Adolf Hitler,
saying that he sees good things about the Nazi dictator who executed the
genocide of six million Jewish people and millions of others.

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Prior to this, his
last tweet before the suspension, Ye defended Balenciaga amid ongoing
controversy. He called for pornography to be removed from all platforms
including Twitter, calling it “the product of paedophilia” and that the “use of
porn destroyed my family”.

West has made anti-semitic
comments multiple times in recent months. He has said that he doesn’t believe
in the term “anti-semitism,” and called it “not factual”. 

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The rapper’s comments
have led to widespread criticism and there might be aftermaths on his
professional success, as Adidas indicated ending its long-running partnership
with the artist calling his actions “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous”.