Kayne West’s Twitter account has been suspended again for “inciting violence” through his offensive tweets. This is the second time that his account has been taken down on the platform in the last two months. The rapper, who now calls himself Ye, posted images, one of which showed a symbol combining a swastika and a Jewish star. 

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The friendly relations between Musk and Kayne did not seem to last long, seeing a recent tweet of Kayne. It was labeled being his last and featured an image of a shirtless Musk on vacation to which Musk replied “That is fine.” 

Musk’s reply to the tweet containing the removed image was “This is not,” which was his first response to the tweet. A Twitter user wrote “Elon fix Kayne please,” replying to which Musk stated the reason behind Ye’s account suspension.

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The new Twitter owner said that Kayne had not breached Twitter’s rules against incitement to violence for the first time, thus his account would be suspended.

West’s accounts were earlier taken down from Twitter and Instagram after he posted anti-Semitic messages in October. Both social media’s removed his posts, which accused rapper Diddy of being controlled by Jewish people, on grounds that the star had violated policies on hate speech.

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Musk took control of Twitter last October and promptly worked on a series of radical changes within the social media platform, including lifting bans on some controversial accounts.

He has clarified that he had no role in restoring West’s account on Twitter, as it was restored before his acquisition of the platform. Though he welcomed the rapper on with a tweet. This was along with the restoration of the Twitter account of the former US president, Donald Trump.

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“Saying you like Hitler, love the Nazis, and spending all your time with a white supremacist makes one thing clear, Ye is a vicious anti-semite. His comments today on InfoWars are not just vile and offensive, they put Jews in danger,” wrote Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League in a tweet.