Rapper and actor Coolio’s untimely death at the age of 59 shocked the music world. But the rapper had sent much bigger tremors when he announced in 2017 that he will run for vice-president along with pornstar Cherie DeVille as the president, in the 2020 elections.

As opposed to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, Coolio and DeVille wanted to “Make America F*king Awesome Again”!

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DeVille, who starred in flicks like “My Step-Mom Seduced Me” and “Lesbian House Hunters Part 10” attempted to run on a Democrat ticket against Donald Trump. The stage was set, and the duo even announced their flagship healthcare program called “Cooliocare”. 

They had promised to legalise marijuana, impose gun control, free education, and even net neutrality. 

In an interview with a Los Angeles television channel, she said, “If we are pulling away from electing only politicians for our higher offices, I think as a small celebrity in my own right I would be a good choice for the American people and for the world at large.”

Announcing her presidential bid, Cherie and Coolio hosted a press conference, which according to eyewitness descriptions, was more like an SNL sketch that an actual press conference. A reported who had gone to cover the event could not help but ask the duo, “Is this a joke?”. Back then, they had confidently replied that it was not. 

“You can tell by our answers to your questions that it’s serious,” Coolio said, adding, “We’re making it fun, no doubt, (but) at the core of what we’re doing this is absolutely real.” 

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The duo, however, had not filed any papers officially then, or ever. 

The campaign lasted for only 17 months and was ended formally by the duo in 2019 citing a lack of funds. She also claimed that stories on fellow pornstar Daniel Storm and her lawsuit against Donald Trump affected her chances of becoming the US president.

Today, the incident is remembered more as a publicity stunt than a genuine attempt at running for president.