The well-known Google Doodle celebrates Marcel Marceau’s 100th birthday today, March 22, which would have been today. Marceau was a well-known French mime performer. Under the name Marcel Mangel, he was born on this date in 1923 in Strasbourg, France.

Here’s everything you need to know about Marcel Marceau’s children Aurelia Marceau, Michel Marceau, Camille Marceau, Baptiste Marceau as Google Doodle honors the famous French mime artist Marcel Marceau.

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Marcel Marceau had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Marceau married three times: first to Huguette Mallet, with whom he had two boys, Michel and Baptiste, and then to Ella Jaroszewicz, with whom he had no children. His third wife was Anne Sicco, with whom he had two children, Camille and Aurélia.

Michel Marceau:

Michel Marceau is a French actor. He is known for his performances in Un Jardin Public (1955), Le Roi De L’ombre (1960), Les Rendezvous du Dimanche (1975).

Baptiste Marceau:

Baptiste Marceau is a yogi. He has a background in kinetic body movement. He spent 7 years in Asia learning ancient cultures and oriental philosophy, travelling as a renounced sadhu. Baptiste studied the advanced series with Patthabi Jois in India 35 years ago, after learning ashtanga in Maui with yoga masters David Williams and Danny Paradise. He presently lives in Mexico and formerly in Brazil and explores indigenous south american shamanic traditions.

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Camille Marceau:

Not much is known about Camille other than the fact that her mother was Anne Sicco.

When they first met, her mother was only 19 years old, while Marceau was almost 50. She, a young admirer, happened to wander into Marceau’s dressing area, where they first met.

They lived in Paris after getting married in 1975. Later, Sicco became a professor of experimental theater at Marceau’s mimic academy. Camille and Aurélia, their girls, were born to them jointly.

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Aurelia Marceau:

Not much is known about Aurelia other than the fact that she was featured in The Art of Silence, the first in-depth feature documentary about Marcel Marceau. The movie depicts Marceau’s early encounters with his Jewish father being murdered by the Nazis. His grandchildren cast a new light on his life’s work in the documentary.