Bobbi Kelly Ercoline, the woman in the cover photo of Woodstock’s 1970 soundtrack album, died over the weekend. Nick Ercoline, her husband, who was also featured in the iconic photo, announced her death in a Facebook post. 

“It’s with beyond great sadness that I tell my FB family and friends, that after 54 years of life together, of the death of my beautiful wife, Bobbi, last night surrounded by her family,” he wrote on Saturday.

 “She lived her life well and left this world in a much better place. If you knew her, you loved her. She lived by her saying, ‘Be kind’,” he continued.

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“She didn’t deserve this past year’s nightmare, but she isn’t suffering from the physical pain anymore and that brings some comfort to us.”

Who was Bobbi Kelly Ercoline? 

Bobbi Kelly Ercoline is known for being one of the people featured in the iconic photograph of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. The photograph, which shows Bobbi and her then-boyfriend Nick Ercoline huddled together under a blanket, became one of the most famous images of the festival and a symbol of the counterculture movement of the 1960s. 

Bobbi Kelly Ercoline was born on June 12, 1946, in Pine Bush, New York, USA. She grew up in the small town of Wallkill, New York, which is located near the site of the Woodstock Music Festival. In August 1969, Bobbi and her then-boyfriend Nick Ercoline attended the Woodstock festival along with over 400,000 other people.

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Bobbi and Nick Ercoline were also depicted in the 1970 documentary film Woodstock, which chronicled the events of the festival.

After the festival, Bobbi went on to live a relatively private life. She worked as a teacher for over 30 years in New York state, and in 2019, she retired from her position as a reading teacher at Sullivan West Central School in Jeffersonville, New York.