Concerns have arisen among Michael Strahan’s fans as Good Morning America continues without his presence for another week. On Monday, viewers noticed his absence, with Linsey Davis filling in for him, leaving them curious about when he’ll return.

It has been a week since Michael last updated his Instagram, and he hasn’t appeared on Fox NFL Sunday either. His fans have flooded him with questions, expressing their worries and wondering about his whereabouts. Some have speculated that he might be dealing with a family or personal matter.

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Even Michael’s twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, have maintained a low profile on social media, notably abstaining from posting on their 19th birthdays at the end of October.

Michael Strahan’s packed schedule includes hosting The $100,000 Pyramid game show and managing his skincare and clothing brand. He has previously acknowledged that the fall season is the busiest time of the year for him, balancing his weekday work on GMA with his weekends on FOX NFL Sunday. Despite the demanding routine, he finds a way to enjoy it.

In terms of personal care, Michael is dedicated to maintaining his appearance through skincare and regular workouts. He emphasizes the importance of staying healthy and keeping both body and mind in top shape.

He also shared his skincare routine, mentioning the importance of taking care of his skin, especially under the bright TV lights. He uses his own Michael Strahan skincare products to cleanse his face and beard, followed by moisturizer and beard oil to maintain a smooth complexion.

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Although he no longer plays football, the sport remains a significant part of his life, and he is an enthusiastic fan who never misses a game. Whether it’s Monday, Thursday, or Sunday, he thoroughly enjoys watching the next generation of football players make their mark on the field, just like any other football enthusiast.