A man identified as Elad Abraham was reportedly present at the Music festival on October 7, which was attacked by Hamas militants. The man heroically tackled the militants till the Israeli forces arrived and defended himself.

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Who is Elad Abraham?

Elad Abraham was at the music event when the militants from Hamas carried out their attack. He reportedly took down one of the terrorists and utilized their weapon to confront another group of attackers, he showed incredible bravery. Abraham kept fighting until the Israeli Army arrived, and he is now stationed with them in Gaza. His quick-fire response saved many lives at the festival.

On knowing about his story and bravery, several X users lauded him. One user wrote, “Israeli hero Elad Abraham 🇮🇱 I salute you for your bravery and your service. I pray for the protection and guidance of the IDF soldiers and Israeli leadership daily. You must win this battle. Evil cannot prevail.”

“Love you Elad!! May Hachem protect you and bring you back home safe and sound with all our brothers in arms Amen” another user wrote.

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One user wrote, “Not all heroes wear capes, some were just minding there business  until the the time came to take action  🙏🙏♥️”

As per reports, some 3,000 terrorists were involved in the October 7 Hamas horror in southern Israel, according to a new IDF estimate. As compared to the earlier estimate of 2,500 terrorists, this number is higher. 

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Approximately 1,400 people tragically died in Israel as a result of the attack; most of the victims were civilians who were assaulted during a music festival or in their homes. Thousands of rockets were fired at Israeli towns and cities by the terrorists, who also captured at least 245 hostages of different ages.