Shai Davidai, an Assistant Professor at Columbia Business School, has stirred controversy by equating Pro-Palestine protests with Pro-Hamas activities, prompting debates on campus.

Who is Shai Davidai? 

Shai Davidai (x/@stopzionisthate)

Shai Davidai, an Assistant Professor at Columbia Business School, has become a focal point of controversy for his comments equating Pro-Palestine protests with Pro-Hamas activities. In a series of tweets, Davidai expressed concerns about an “unauthorized pro-Hamas protest” at Columbia University, accusing the school of not holding the organizers accountable.

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Davidai asserted that the university’s failure to address the situation properly sends a negative message to Jewish and Israeli students, faculty, and staff. He called for accountability from the university’s leadership, particularly the President of Columbia.

The situation escalated when unverified reports suggested that participants in the unauthorized pro-Hamas protest faced violence, allegedly sprayed with a foul-smelling substance requiring medical treatment. Davidai condemned any form of violence on campus.

In response to his outspoken stance, Davidai claimed that pro-terror organizations at Columbia are attempting to silence him. He revealed that there is a petition circulating for his removal from teaching and contact with students. Despite these challenges, he reassured his students that he would continue teaching.

Shai Davidai is known for his research in the Management Division of Columbia Business School, focusing on people’s judgments and perceptions. His controversial comments have sparked debates on campus about the intersection of free speech, protests, and university policies.

For more context, Shai Davidai received his PhD from Cornell University in 2015 and has published work in prestigious journals. Before joining Columbia Business School, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University and as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at The New School for Social Research.

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The situation remains fluid as discussions on free speech, campus protests, and academic freedom unfold at Columbia University.