Chapman University Fowler School of Law student Haya Tello faces criticism for referring to Hamas as “freedom fighters” and expressing support, prompting scrutiny.

Who is Haya Tello?

Haya Tello (x/@stopantisemites)

Haya Tello, a second-year law student at Chapman University Fowler School of Law, is under scrutiny after making controversial remarks expressing support for Hamas, a group recognized by many countries as a terrorist organization. Tello’s statements, where she referred to Hamas as “freedom fighters” and mentioned praying for them, have ignited a debate within the legal and academic communities.

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Tello, currently working as a Legal Extern at ocV!BE Sports and Entertainment, holds a vision for setting up legal foundations for creative endeavors. Her profile highlights a focus on Entrepreneurship, Business, and Transactional Law. However, recent attention has centered on her social media statements regarding Hamas.

The comments, posted on Tello’s social media profile, sparked backlash due to the contentious nature of Hamas, an organization known for its involvement in acts of terrorism. Tello’s characterization of Hamas as “freedom fighters” contrasts with widely held international perspectives on the group.

The controversy has led to questions about whether Tello’s views align with the values of Chapman University Fowler School of Law, raising concerns among students, alumni, and staff. Tello’s extensive background, including experiences at ocV!BE Sports and Entertainment and the Orange County Bar Association, adds a layer of complexity to the discussions surrounding her statements.

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As the story gains traction, it brings to light broader discussions about freedom of expression, diversity of perspectives in academic settings, and the responsibilities associated with representing a prestigious institution. Chapman University Fowler School of Law has yet to release an official statement regarding the controversy, leaving room for further developments in this unfolding situation.