YouTuber iDubbbz came into news after posting a video titled “I miss the old idubbbz” on Thursday as an apology video for all the hateful and bigoted comments and content he’s made in the past. The title of the video referred to the audience who still align with his “old rhetoric” and how it is not right. The social media star is currently married to Anisa Jomha.

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Who is Anisa Jomha?

Anisa is a video creator, as per her description on Instagram. She used to be active on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, but she only sporadically posts there now. In June 2021, they got married, and as part of their union, iDubbbz adopted her last name.

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iDubbbz in his apology video claimed that he wanted to “take accountability for the mistakes I’ve made.” He mentioned that over the years he has moved away from the type of content that can be considered bigoted. But continuing to make content without addressing it was a “weak and passive way to run the channel,” he added.

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“I am responsible for creating a lot of hurtful and damaging content on this channel, and I’ve also created a culture of apathy, and a lot of cruelty, as well,” he explained, further saying “Some of the videos I’ve made have been very — not edgy…. I just think they were outright cruel.”

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Additionally, he mentioned Tana Mongeau and expressed his sincere regret for “harassing” her both online and in person. “I particularly want to apologize to Tana,” he said. “Tana, I’m sorry. I should have never made that video. I harassed Tana in person and then harassed her online, and that’s deplorable behavior. It’s so stupid.”