Shawn Mendes has set the rumor mill buzzing with speculations of a new romance. The “Stitches” singer was recently photographed enjoying a beach day in Malibu, California, with Charlie Travers, triggering dating rumors. The two were also spotted sharing intimate moments at a restaurant, with Travers wrapping her arms around Mendes.

This potential romance follows Mendes’ breakup with Camila Cabello, as announced in a joint Instagram statement in November 2021. Although they sparked reconciliation rumors in April 2023, recent sightings suggest Mendes has moved on.

Who is Charlie Travers?

From England, born in June 1986, Travers is a native of the United Kingdom, bringing a British flair to the potential power couple. Travers is a versatile TV host, having presented for programs like the Grammy web series On Location and the Permission Slip Podcast, showcasing her engaging personality.

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As an assistant to Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry, Travers has shared the spotlight and appeared together on the reality series Hollywood Medium. They’ve also shared sweet tributes on social media.

Travers, along with her mother Jackie, made history on Big Brother 14 in the U.K. as the show’s first-ever mother-daughter duo, capturing attention with their dynamic presence.

While on Big Brother, Travers found romance with fellow contestant Dexter Koh. However, the relationship didn’t endure, and they went their separate ways.

Frequently expressing love for her brother Oliver on Instagram, Travers shares heartfelt tributes and celebrates family milestones.

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The dating rumors between Travers and Mendes started swirling in November 2023 after they were photographed enjoying each other’s company at Malibu’s Point Dume and El Matador Beach, accompanied by a cozy dinner in West Hollywood. As fans eagerly await official confirmation, the snapshots of Mendes and Travers suggest a budding connection between the talented singer and the charismatic TV host.