Hollywood legend Al Pacino is expecting his fourth child, and first with his girl Noor Alfallah. As per reports, the couple has been dating each other since the pandemic, and they are expecting their child together next month.

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Prior to dating Al Pacino, the 29-year-old was rumoured to be dating Academy Award-winning actor, and director, Clint Eastwood in the year 2019. Currently, Clint is dating Christina Sandera.

Who is Christina Sandera?

Clint Eastwood, the renowned Hollywood icon, has been involved in numerous well-known love affairs throughout his career, but he prefers to keep his relationship with Sandera, with whom he has been romantically involved since 2014, private.

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According to reports, the couple met while Sandera worked at Clint Eastwood’s estate, specifically the Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. This charming location is located on the Monterey peninsula, where Eastwood has lived for many years.

Sandera prefers to maintain a low-key presence. Apart from her connection with Eastwood. Reportedly, she does not engage in social media platforms too.

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In 2015, The acclaimed film “American Sniper” by Clint Eastwood received six nominations, including Best Picture. In a notable moment, he chose to attend the awards ceremony with Sandera, marking their public debut as a couple. After this, the couple made multiple public presences.

In 2019, Alfallah was seen leaving a restaurant with Clint Eastwood, an Academy Award-winning actor, director, and film producer who was 88 at the time. Given Eastwood’s status as one of the industry’s wealthiest and most esteemed directors, rumors began to circulate quickly after he was seen with Alfallah. However, she quickly debunked all of the rumours and denied any romantic involvement.

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Alfallah in a statement putting an end to all the rumors said, “There is no relationship, Eastwood is just a family friend.