Corey Struve-Talbott, popular YouTube influencer, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of crimes including public intoxication, trespassing, resisting arrest and battery on an officer.

According to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department, Struve-Talbott attacked a police officer near Pebble Beach, California on Sunday. 

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Entertainment website TMZ, citing law enforcement sources, reported that the Trav and Cor YouTuber was drinking at a bar near the golf course. She was celebrating her birthday. She got  belligerent and security asked her to go back to her hotel room. 

However, she refused, TMZ reported, citing police. Officers warned her before she kicked one of them. Her mugshot is going viral on social media. 

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Her attorney, Scott Erdbacher told TMZ: “I am concerned about how much aggression was used against my client while she was handcuffed. My concern at this point is about Corey’s well being and her injuries are currently being catalogued by a medical specialist including head to toe bruising, numbness and loss of mobility to her left arm.”

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Who is Corey Struve-Talbott?

Corey Struve-Talbott is a YouTuber. She runs a channel with her husband Travis. 

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“Me (Travis) and my wife (Corey) like to joke around and create fun and exciting entertainment. We also love vlogging our daily lives to keep a record and to share with all of you! Subscribe and follow us as we continue to do all sorts of fun and hilarious things together!!” their channel bio reads. 

Corey is 37 years old and is a mother to three children. Her YouTube channel has 6.2 million subscribers.