With a new cast of 10 irresistible singles, Too Hot to Handle is back with season 5. The narrator Desiree Burch and her hilarious commentary are still the same. Desiree doesn’t ‘really’ appear on screen, but it’s rather impossible to miss her one-liners.

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Desiree has a solid career and life outside Too Hot to Handle, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Who is Desiree Burch?

Desiree is a 44-year-old American comedian, actress, television presenter, and voice artist. She is well known for her perfect voice-over reactions and comic timing on the show “Too Hot to Handle.” She has been on the show since ‘Vulture’ used to run the house, and Lana became the boss in season 5.

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Education & Career

Desiree graduated from Yale University with a degree in Theater. During an interview on the Jonathan Ross show in 2019, she discussed her job as a dominatrix in her early 20s. She jokingly said, “It’s one of those things I wanted to say I had done. I got paid to beat up guys, which is what every woman wants.” Desiree also mentioned that she was a virgin when she began working as a dominatrix and took the position to understand more about sexual desire.

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Desiree has been known as a popular figure for her stand-up comics, and that’s no shocker there. In 2015, she won the Funny Women Stage Award and has been captivating audiences all around the UK ever since. She has made appearances on a number of BBC programs, such as “Desiree Burch Live,” her own Comedy Central special, and “Flinch” on Netflix.

As a narrator for the show ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Desiree has mastered the art of “mocking the situation”, without being mean to the contestants.

Desiree Burch’s Love life

In 2015, Desiree moved to London to live with her boyfriend Samy Ouarkoub, with whom she eventually broke up. A year ago, Burch shared how she met her boyfriend online during Covid. In an interview with Mike Hill on ‘Start Your Day,’ she said, “I enjoyed meeting people online,” and added, “it was easier connecting with people on a human level.”

Later, on her Twitter, she mentioned dating a woman after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend and confirmed that she is not interested in getting married.