After referring to Sam Smith as “grotesque” for their performance in the contentious music video for their new song “I’m Not Here to Make Friends,” broadcaster Dominique Samuels has come under heavy fire. The song was made available by the British singer-songwriter as part of their fourth album, “Gloria,” on Saturday, January 28. The musician came out as non-binary in 2019 and uses pronouns that are not gender-specific. 

Dominique Samuels (Photo:Twitter/@dominiquetaegon)

Who is Dominique Samuels?

Dominique Samuels is a well-known conservative political analyst who has more than 180k Twitter followers, for those who are unaware. She was raised in Manchester and presently resides there. She recently graduated from the University of York with a degree in politics with international relations. Samuels frequently makes appearances on many media outlets, including “Good Morning Britain,” the BBC, Jeremy Vine, GB News, talkRadio, and others. According to her website, she also performs her own programming via live-streaming to 6.5 million users on the recent social media network GETTR. She writes for Daily Mail as well.

The political analyst, 23, came to Twitter to write a piece in which she called out the singer of “Unholy” and made fun of the entertainment business as she thought back on the music video. “Sam Smith is a perfect example of what degenerate Hollywood culture does to people. It makes celebrities vulgar, hyper-sexualized, and obsessed with wearing their sexuality like a costume and shoving it in everyone’s face. And to make matters worse, kids look up to this man!” she wrote on January 29th, Sunday.


Samuels, who has been featured on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky News, stated in a subsequent post that she enjoyed listening to Smith but that “he” has since devalued his skills. “Can I just say I used to love Sam Smith when he made actual music? Since then, he’s become frankly grotesque, cheapened his talent, and turned into a complete joke. Why isn’t somebody close to him telling him he looks terrible?” she added. “I think the same of Madonna, by the way. She’s become utterly grotesque and actually quite sinister. I’m not saying this because Sam Smith is ‘nonbinary’.”