In a recent announcement on Instagram, Maria Thattil, former Miss Universe Australia, revealed that she and Jorgia O’Hare have ended their relationship after what she described as “a beautiful year” together.

The couple expressed their mutual respect and support for each other, emphasizing the loving and respectful nature of their breakup. As the news spread, fans reminisced about their time together and the impact their relationship had on representation and acceptance.

Who is Jorgia O’Hare?

Jorgia O’Hare is a passionate and hardworking fashion graduate who graduated from Melbourne Institute of Fashion with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Design in 2015.

She moved to New York City in May 2016 to apply their skills and gain more hands-on experience. She has recently returned to Melbourne with a heightened understanding of fashion in various domains.

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Relationship and Journey

Maria and Jorgia met online and quickly developed a strong connection. They appeared on the cover of Stellar magazine, sharing their story of love and their unique experiences as an interracial, same-sex couple.

Maria spoke candidly about the immediate chemistry she felt and how Jorgia’s love healed her in ways she had been missing for a long time. Their relationship served as a beacon of visibility and acceptance, inspiring others who may have longed for similar representation in the media.

Although rumors of their split had circulated weeks prior, Maria’s solo appearance at Australian Fashion Week confirmed the news. Both Maria and Jorgia expressed their gratitude for the support they received throughout their journey together.

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Their breakup was characterized as loving, safe, intimate, secure, and respectful. Despite parting ways romantically, they vowed to remain supportive of each other’s endeavors. Maria’s openness about her bisexuality and subsequent identification as pansexual showcased her personal growth and acceptance.

She acknowledged the significance of seeing interracial, same-sex couples represented in the media, highlighting the positive impact it could have on individuals who may have struggled with their own identities. Jorgia, who gained popularity on TikTok, continues to shine in her own right, amassing a substantial following.