Michelle Alexandra, a social media influencer and OnlyFans model, recounted how after coming out as transgender publicly, she started receiving death threats that made her afraid to go back to the UK.

On January 4, Alexandra, a 27-year-old from Manchester, revealed to her 25,000 Instagram followers that she was transgender. As a result, she received a flood of hateful messages, especially from males who had previously slept with her but were unaware of her prior gender.

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Who is Michelle Alexandra? 

Michelle Alexandra was born in Manchester, United Kingdom to Sue and Mick, 62 in 1996. She has an older brother, Jake who was born in 1994.

Alexandra’s parents relocated the family to Alicante, Spain, when she was three years old. There, they worked in the real estate industry and soon started to support her decision to change genders.

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 ‘Since the age of four I wanted to be a girl and luckily, my family have been very supportive. It’s been a bit more of a struggle for my father and brother but over the years, they’ve come to terms with it. I was never into boys’ things, didn’t like wearing boys’ clothes and just wanted to play with other girls,’ she revealed, as per Daily Mail.

“It was when we moved to America when I was eight years old and I had to wear a boys school uniform that I realised this wasn’t me. When we moved back to Spain again I decided that I wanted to be who I was – a girl,” she added. 

She began taking hormones at the age of 14, underwent her first breast augmentation surgery at 17, legally changed her name to Michelle at 18, and underwent her first gender reassignment procedure at 18.

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Alexandra maintains that she had no intention of deceiving any of the men she had previously been involved with, but she admits that she did not tell all of them that she was transgender at the time.

Alexandra divides her time between Ibiza and Manchester, earning a living through social media work and her OnlyFans page.