The Chinese Lunar New Year commences on Sunday, January 22. It is the Year of Rabbit, which indicates that our focus should be on rest, introspection and working smarter, not harder. 

One of the biggest celebrations in Asia and across Asian Diaspora, the celebration brings renewal of prosperity, happiness and health. There are 12 zodiac Chinese zodiacs, and one stands for each new year on the lunar calendar.

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The central theme for every Lunar New Year is attracting good luck and avoiding bad luck, so make sure to choose lucky food items for your feast. Here is a list of delicasies you might want to include for this holiday:

1. White Rabbit Creamy Candy: A staple across the world during the celebration, this delicacy brings out childhood memories for so many people. “It was my favourite childhood candy and I think that is the same for a lot of Hongkongers,Prabowo, co-founder of award-winning bar Penicillin, in Hong Kong’s Central district. 

2. Dumplings: This dish has multiple variations across regions, it is known as mandoo in Korean, gyoza in Japanese, or jiǎozi in Mandarin Chinese. These morsels can have variations in their filling, ranging from chicken to pork to cabbage. Dumplings are associated with currency, so they are a must for the feast. 

3. Glutinous rice balls: These are a popular Chinese treat, also called yuánxiāo or tāngyuán. They usually have a sweet or savoury filling- like black sesame, peanuts, red bean, rose petals, and rock sugar or minced meat, crushed peanuts, and mushrooms. It is said that the round shape represents family unity. 

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4. Chinese New Year sticky rice cake: It is a popular Chinese sweet dessert eaten during Chinese New Year, A soft and supple cake, it is made up of rice flour and brown sugar and eaten either plain or dipped in condensed sweet milk. 

5. Sesame balls: Sesame balls are found in bakeries and restaurants throughout the year, but they carry a special meaning during New Year, which is expansion of fortune. So make sure you order some extra ones for yourself.