Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson is seeking therapy for his addiction at one of Lamar Odom’s rehab facilities.

According to sources close to Sugar Bear, he contacted Lamar over the weekend about attending one of his treatment facilities. On Thursday night, Lamar will check into a facility in Kansas to concentrate on his recovery.

Who is Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson

Mike Thompson, commonly known as “Sugar Bear,” is an American television personality who gained prominence through his appearances on reality TV shows. While he is most recognized for his involvement in the reality series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” Sugar Bear’s life and journey extend beyond the realm of television.

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Born on December 13, 1971, Sugar Bear hailed from McIntyre, Georgia. He rose to fame as the father of Alana Thompson, also known as “Honey Boo Boo,” who captured the hearts of viewers with her energetic personality. Sugar Bear became a central figure in the Thompson family’s life as they navigated the world of reality television.

Thompson’s nickname, “Sugar Bear,” reflects his amiable and gentle nature. He has been portrayed as a caring father figure on screen, often displaying affection and support for his daughter and the rest of the family. However, the reality TV world is known for its dramatic twists and turns, and Sugar Bear’s personal life has not been without its challenges.

Throughout his public journey, Sugar Bear has faced personal struggles, including battles with substance abuse. These challenges have been documented on the reality shows, shedding light on his ongoing efforts to overcome addiction and make positive changes in his life.

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Sugar Bear’s relationship with his ex-partner, June Shannon (also known as “Mama June”), has been a focal point of the reality show. Their relationship has experienced its fair share of ups and downs, with the show often exploring their dynamics and co-parenting challenges.

Beyond his appearances on reality TV, Sugar Bear’s personal life and career remain relatively private. However, his involvement in the entertainment industry has brought him recognition and opportunities. He has made guest appearances on various talk shows and events, engaging with fans and sharing his experiences.