Niesha Trout, one of the women that actor Danny Masterson was convicted of raping, identified herself on X, formerly known as Twitter.

She condemned the fact that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis wrote letters in support of Masterson ahead of the rape trial. “The letters will be leaked soon, but I want you all to know that post Danny Masterson’s conviction & after they read all of the gruesome sworn-under-oath testimony of 5 of Danny’s victims, Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis submitted letters to the judge asking her for leniency on Danny,” Trout wrote on social media in a post.

When one of the users asked her, “Where did you read this information?” Trout said, “I’m one of the victims who he was convicted on, so all the information on our case gets to me pretty quickly.”

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Who is Niesha Trout?

Trout was one of the people who delivered victim impact statements during Masterson’s sentencing, which saw him getting 30 years to life in prison. She said that she forgives him and suggested some prison activities for him. “Life is precious and fragile. Find your heart … Earn something. Read books. Listen to the brightness of nothing and get well. I forgive you,” Trout said. She later clarified on X: “I said that for a reason. Because he stole the life force of his victims. That’s what rapists do.”

She added,” When you raped me, you stole from me. That’s what rape is, a theft of the spirit.” She described herself as a “brain-washed member” of the organization and claimed the Church knew Masterson “had been raping its members but made concerted efforts to not only punish the victims” but also to cover up his crimes.

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The Church of Scientology has denied these accusations, saying in a previous statement that “Church policy explicitly demands Scientologists abide by all laws of the land. All allegations to the contrary are totally FALSE.”

According to her Instagram bio, she is an “Artist + Poet/Writer.” She also described herself as “Whistleblower + Survivor + Victims Advocate.”