Rupert Grint is the latest Harry Potter celebrity to pay homage to the late Robbie Coltrane, who passed away on October 14 at the age of 72. 

to hear that Robbie is gone. I’ll never forget the smell of cigars and beard
glue- a wonderful combination. No one else on this planet could have played
Hagrid, only Robbie. Just as Hagrid was in the books and films Robbie was in
life- warm, compassionate and hilarious. A giant hearted man who was still
looking out for us even decades later. Sending love to his family. See you on
the other side Bobser,” Grint wrote on Instagram.

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Who is Rupert Grint?

Alexander Lloyd Grint, an English actor, was born on August 24, 1988 in Harlow,
Essex. He is the eldest of Nigel Grint and Joanne Grint’s five children. He was
born and raised in Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire, and went to school at
Richard Hale in Hertford.

34-year-old actor wanted to become an ice-cream man as a child. He was interested in theater in school, and he acted professionally with the Harry Potter series. 

According to him, he was not very fond of school and at the age of 16, he left the institution to focus on his career as an actor. 

Grint is
popular for the portrayal of Ronald Weasely in the Harry Potter series. Casting
for the movie adaptation of J.K. Rowling‘s best-selling book Harry Potter and
the Philosopher’s Stone started in 1999. Rowling insisted on a British cast and
helped casting director Chris Columbus and Susie Figgis. Grint decided to try
out for the part of Ron Weasley, one of Harry Potter’s closest friends at
Hogwarts, because he was a fan of the book series. He played the character in
the rest of the films of the series as well.

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He also acted in a number of non-Harry Potter films like Thunderpants (2002), Driving Lessons (2006) and Cherrybomb (2009).

Grint has
been in a serious relationship with Georgia Groome for over a decade, and they
have a daughter together.