actor Aindrila Sharma suffered from multiple heart attacks on Tuesday, November
15, following which she was rushed to a hospital in Kolkata and given Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). She is currently on ventilator support.

a two-time cancer survivor, was admitted to the hospital on November 1 after she
suddenly suffered a brain stroke. She underwent left frontotemporoparietal de-compressive
craniotomy surgery after suffering from an intracranial hemorrhage. Doctors
informed that it was not possible to operate on the new blood clots that were revealed
by her CT scan report.

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Monday, Aindrila’s long-term partner and actor Sabyasachi Chowdhury took to
social media and urged everyone to ‘pray for a miracle’. After writing a heart-wrenching
message in Bengali, the actor said, “Pray for a miracle. Pray for supernatural.
She is fighting against all odds, beyond human.”

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Who is Sabyasachi Chowdhury?

Chowdhury was born on October 31 in a Bengali Hindu family. He currently resides
in Kolkata.

started his career with television, starring in supporting roles in TV serials
like Esho Maa Lokkhi, and Agnijal. He earned his first break in television with
the role of Yudhisthira in the mythological drama Bhakter Bhogobaan Sri
Krishna. Chowdhury appeared in pivotal roles in a few other TV shows, including
his roles as Arnab in Jarowar Jhumko, and as King Nakshatrajyoti in the fantasy
soap opera Saat Bhai Champa.

2019, he was cast in the role of Hindu saint Bamakhepa in Star Jalsha’s
mythological drama Mahapeeth Tarapeeth. Chowdhury has been praised for his role
in the show. Considered one of the most popular Bengali television soaps of all
time, the show has aired over 780 episodes.

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In 2022, he made his OTT debut with the TV series Bhagar, in which he was cast alongside his girlfriend Aindrila Sharma.

and fellow actor Aindrila Sharma met in the early days of their career and
after remaining friends for a while, they started dating. Sharma was diagnosed
with cancer twice during their relationship, and Chowdhury had been there for
her through thick and thin.